Powerful tools, built specifically for property owners

While most software for rentals was built for property managers, at Flcrm we have developed powerful, easy-to-use features specifically for managing properties as an owner, not a third party. Get simple, user-friendly software to support your entire portfolio(s) — built by property owners for property owners.

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What makes our software different?

There are a lot of different softwares out there, and finding the best one can be really hard. To make sure we were meeting the needs of owners, we completely reimagined the way self-management software should work, focusing on what matters most for owners. Rather than asking what property managers do and developing that for owners, we asked ourselves two simple questions:

What would make managing properties as easy as possible?

What features would we want to manage our own rental properties?

With those questions in mind we were able to create user-friendly software for a challenging industry, effectively eliminating the day-to-day headaches of self property management.

Complete control over your service

With Flcrm’s direct service offerings available to decrease the workload of managing your own properties, our software gives you live insight into the work we’re performing on your behalf — from status of work orders to vacancy inquiries we’ve received on your behalf and more. You have total transparency and direct input anytime, all the time.

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Powerful Features

Seamless integration with professional service

User-friendly, intuitive interface

Dashboard with statuses and to-dos

Task lists for easy management

Per-unit or mass management

Extreme affordability

Get Started!

See what Flcrm can do for you and how we can make your life and property management more effortless.


How many units can I add to Flcrm?

There is no limit. All of our plans allow you to add as many units as you have in your portfolio.

Can I use Flcrm for different building types?

Absolutely. We service single family homes, multifamily buildings, complexes of any size, condos, town homes, and more. Basically, if it’s a residential unit, we can help.