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Marketing Ideas for Property Management That Work

A single Google search for the word “marketing” turns up 6.5 billion results in a matter of seconds. Clearly, a lot of digital ink has been spilled by people searching for the best ways to get their product or service in front of their leads’ eyes. 

But marketing isn’t just about finding customers for your solution—it’s about finding the right customers. These are the people who will not only buy what you’re providing, but they’re also the kind of people you’re looking to serve in the first place. 

Finding the ideal customer matters more in property management than in many other industries. When you’re marketing your properties to prospective tenants, it isn’t just about finding people looking to rent, or even about finding people in your rental units’ income range. 

It’s about finding people who will take care of your unit, pay their rent on time, and mesh well with other tenants in the building if there are any. While you’ll find indicators for most of these traits in your applicant screening process, having a solid marketing approach can help you target good tenants from the jump. If you’re a property manager looking to up your marketing game, here are a few ideas that will kickstart the process.